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Arrow fans react to that major season 6 finale death.
Type keywords to search. Arrow's' season 6 finale delivers game-changing twist and a major death, but some fans aren't' happy. Make it stop! By Rianne Houghton. Spoilers for the season six finale of Arrow, Life Sentence, lie ahead. After a slightly mixed sixth season, Arrow s latest outing drew to a game-changing, if slightly disappointing, close last night May 17. Fans knew that Paul Blackthorne's' character Mayor Lance would be leaving the series, but that didn't' make Quentin's' departure any less upsetting or infuriating. Advertisement Continue Reading Below. After a showdown between Team Arrow and Ricardo Diaz, who had threatened to kill Laurel Lance unless her father ordered the FBI out of town, Quentin was shot and later died in the hospital.
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The 5 Best and Worst Laurel Moments From Arrow. Search. Close. Search. Close.
Actually, all Laurel stories took a backseat this season, and now its clear why. Here, Ray Palmer has come to Laurel as a district attorney to try and convince her that Oliver is the Arrow, which, of course, Laurel already knows.
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Arrow Season 7 Will See Interesting" Team-Ups for Laurel. Arrow Down. Down Arrow Solid. Twitter Icon. Facebook Icon. Video Icon. User Icon. Arrow Down. Facebook Icon. Search Icon. Search Icon. Close.
Arrow s seventh season is placing the show on new ground, and that might manifest in an interesting way for one of the show's' fan favorites. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz previewed what's' next for Laurel Lance/Black Siren Katie Cassidy, the Earth-2 doppelganger who has grown to have a very specific standing within the world of Star City. After publicly impersonating her Earth-1 counterpart, Laurel has since risen to be Star City's' district attorney, all while coming to terms with who she wants to be as a hero. Shes always sort of struggling with the line between good and evil, and she lies somewhere in between that" Schwartz explained. With" Quentins death, shes definitely been affected in terms of she wants to live her life how Quentin wouldve wanted her to, but the Black Siren in her is always going to exist.
Arrow reveals secret behind Laurels resurrection Screener.
RELATED: Could Alex Danvers Sara Lance ever get together? Laurels death haunts him, its something he simply cannot let go. If his brain has conjured up a vision of Laurel to taunt him, it wouldnt be the most surprising thing. Perhaps she can hang out with Felicitys hallucination of her own goth years. This has something to do with Talia al Ghul. The timing of Laurels return is very suspect. It happens just as Arrow is preparing to officially introduce Talia al Ghul Lexa Doig, daughter of Ras al Ghul Matt Nable.
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What happens in Arrow after the death of Laurel? Quora.
Can Laurel Lance come back from the dead in the TV show Arrow? What is the called the music played during Oliver's' death in Arrow? How long are the arrows in the DC show, Arrow? What types of arrow heads does Arrow use in the DC show Arrow?
Arrow Finally Brings Out the True Black Canary.
Maybe thats the next big Arrow mystery. For now though, Team Arrow has a new ally, and the Black Canary name lives on, just as Laurel wanted it to. Lets hope Tina/Dinah can avoid the unfortunate fates of her two predecessors.
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Arrow Laurel Dies Katie Cassidy interview Hollywood Reporter.
Laurel Lance's' Katie Cassidy death on Arrow may be controversial when it comes to the comic book source material, but her portrayer understands why Black Canary ended up in the flash-forward grave on The CW series. Since" season two up until now, Laurel has had a truly amazing journey and the writers have written so well for me, Cassidy told reporters after a recent press screening.
List of Arrow characters Wikipedia.
His condition is strained due to assisting the Arrow in the field, and he relies on his new political connections and his subordinates to continue serving the city. Although Laurel kept the information from him, he ultimately learns the truth about Sara's' death and Laurel becoming her vigilante successor.
Arrow: Katie Cassidy To Return As Black Siren Deadline.
One of the things that most excites us about Arrow is that we go where the story takes us. Last year, the story took us to the tragic death of Laurel Lance. This year, our midseason finale reintroduced us to Laurels doppelgänger, Black Siren.
Arrow: Laurel Lance's' Return, Explained TV Guide.
And since Evelyn has already been outed as Prometheus mole, Prometheus could use some eyes on the inside of Team Arrow's' operation. She's' going to stick around for a while: After Earth-1 Laurel was killed off last year, Cassidy signed a new contract that made her a series regular across all the Arrowverse shows. That means she'll' be making appearances not just on Arrow, but also on The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. But she'll' hopefully be sticking around on Arrow for a while before jetting off to the other shows. This season of Arrow is all about Oliver struggling to move forward, as his new motto the" shark that does not swim, drowns" makes abundantly clear. And the biggest thing holding Oliver back right now is his feelings over Laurel's' death.

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