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Walter finds out about the vigilante's' objective and is kidnapped by one of Malcolm's' associates. The organization's' plan is revealed to be starting six months later, when thousands of people will die for what it believes to be for the greater good. Flashbacks show the Chinese archer, Yao Fei, capturing Fyers, who tells Oliver that the island was a prison for dangerous criminals and that his unit was tasked to exterminate the inmates, including Yao, after the program was shut down. Yao is captured by the unit while leading Oliver to a possible escape from the island; and the latter escapes. Moira Kirland Ben Sokolowski. January 16, 2013 2013-01-16. Six weeks after his fight with Malcolm, Oliver avoids any activities as his vigilante, despite insistence from Diggle. When a firefighter is killed in the line of duty, Laurel suspects that he was murdered and steals the phone the vigilante gave Quentin in order to contact him for help.
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Laurel finally clues in to the identities of the Arrow and the Canary when she discovers her sister shares the same extensive scarring that Oliver does. But just as shes about to confront the Arrow, she gets called away to her injured fathers side. Lance doesnt want to know the hooded vigilantes identity because he doesnt want to think of him as a person with friends and family. If he did, then the crimefighter couldnt be what the city needs him to be. Imagine the weight he has to carry, Lance tells her. In the end, she just gives Oliver a hug because Youre important to me. Moira reveals that Isabel had an affair with Olivers dad when she was an intern, but the bigger shock may be that he knew all about Theas paternity. Isabel claims they were soulmates and planned to run away together, but in the end, he chose to stay with his family. RELATED Matts Inside Line: Arrow Scoop and More! Oliver finds Slades experiment homebase and an unconscious Roy! After a fight breaks out among Oliver, Slade and Isabel, Diggle shoots Isabel while Ollie gets away with Roy.
Arrow Boss: Laurel's' Reaction to the Oliver Bombshell Is Surprising Hollywood Reporter.
When Slade told Laurel, he thought that that was going to be yet another devastating death charge into Oliver's' life, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said. VIDEO: Arrow: Oliver Discovers a Mirakuru Twist. But life is more complicated than that and Laurel's' reaction to the news isn't' as simple as Slade may have hoped. I" think that Laurel's' reaction to finding out the news for one, not just taking it at face value, but being smart about it her emotional reaction to the news is surprising.
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What Did Laurel Whisper On Arrow? Here's' When We'll' Find Out.
Some fans wondered if Laurel asked Oliver to help her fake her death after all, the same thing happened with Roy Harper last season, but Guggenheim ruled that out, so dont expect any revelations concerning her final words until Arrow Season 5 unfolds.
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Arrow: Katie Cassidy on Why Laurel Had to Die TV Guide.
Will you miss Laurel Lance? Arrow returns Wednesday, April 27 on The CW. Full Disclosure: is owned by CBS, one of The CW's' parent companies. Additional reporting by Megan Vick. Tags: Spring Preview 2016, Spring TV, CW. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on Flipboard. Share on WhatsApp. Every Episode of Game of Thrones, Ranked From Worst to Best. Find out which episode of the HBO hit reigns supreme. Add To Watchlist Edit Edit Watchlist. Premiered: Oct 10, 2012 Watchlist Katie Cassidy. Actor, Model, Singer Watchlist Stephen Amell. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows Start Now. Why Did Mia Smoak Grow Up Without Her Father on Arrow? Where the eff is Oliver in 2040!
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After unleashing her Canary Cry on Team Arrow, Oliver Stephen Amell claims, Thats not our Laurel! Finally, its about time someone figured it out, the impostor who has to be Earth-2s Black Siren replies. Black Siren was introduced in Season 2 of The Flash and was last seen locked up in the underground metahuman prison at STAR Labs.
Arrow" recap 3.15: On Love and Murder AfterEllen.
Oliver finds Laurel and scolds her for going after Merlyn alone but she gives absolutely zero fucks about what he thinks anymore. Besides, the League has Merlyn now. Oliver knows, because it was Thea that tipped them off. Oliver starts suiting up to go fetch him and his team is like, Wait, what? But when Oliver says its for Thea, to save her from the guilt of having sentenced her biological father to death, Felicity gets it, and agrees to help. And because you literally cant do it without me. Laurel is less understanding. On the way to the helicopter that will take him to certain death, Nyssa taunts Merlyn and Merlyn taunts her right back. He tells her that her relationship with Sara cost her any chance of taking her fathers place as the Demons Head, and Im not sure if he meant lesbians arent allowed to lead the League of Assassins, or if he meant that people with feelings arent. SHARE ON FACEBOOK. SHARE ON TWITTER. Our favorite Pretty" Little Liars" tweets from Bloody" Hell" Previous Katrina Law talks Nyssa's' new mission and Sara Lance flashbacks on Arrow" Next.
The 5 Best and Worst Laurel Moments From Arrow. Search. Close. Search. Close.
Actually, all Laurel stories took a backseat this season, and now its clear why. Here, Ray Palmer has come to Laurel as a district attorney to try and convince her that Oliver is the Arrow, which, of course, Laurel already knows. Its a brief scene, but its fun to see Laurel out-maneuver genius Ray. Sure, Ray figures out that shes working for Oliver, but, at the end of the day, she does dissuade him from filing charges. Eleven-Fifty-Nine Season 4, Episode 18. Laurel Shows No Fear. Laurels last episode, at least as present-day Laurel, features Cassidys best overall performances to date. Whatever your feeling about hospital death-bed scenes, her goodbye to the team showcased Cassidys range, and Laurel and Olivers bunker discussions showed that these two could work together well.
Arrow's' Laurel Lance Deserved Much More Than She Got The Mary Sue.
Laurel was despised by some fans because she had complex feelings about the man she loved coming back from the dead. Even when Laurel and Oliver finally got together during the finale of season one, it was overshadowed by the death of Tommy Merlyn and Laurels blame of the Arrow at that time called the Hood for not saving him.
Arrow: Quentin Lance Deserves Better, So Does Paul Blackthorne Collider.
Image via CW. Hes later offered the Deputy Mayor position by Thea, after watching/helping Oliver Queen ascend to Mayor status, on the condition that he stops drinking. He takes the position but keeps drinking anyway. He experiences blackouts, thinks he might be a vigilante known as Prometheus, and then goes to rehab, emerging totes fine again. Quentin is then shocked to see Laurel alive and well, but double-shocked to find out shes a doppelganger from another Earth and is the villainous Black Siren. Fashion from TV Shows including Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, Arrow, and more.
2x10 Wild'n' Cuz I'm' Young. 2x09 Body Count. By Character: Zoey Ana Nomi Skylar. Arrow By Episode.: 7x16 Star City 2040. 7x15 Training Day. By Character: Felicity Laurel Dinah Emiko. Will Grace By Episode.: 10x17 The Things We Do for Love.

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