Laurel Health Care Company Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation and Assisted Living.
The Laurels of Milford. The Laurels of Middleton. The Laurels of Gahann. The Laurels of Hamilton. Find a Location. NON DISCRIMINATION POLICY. Laurel Health Care Company complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.
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The expression resting" on one's' laurels" refers to someone relying entirely on long-past successes for continued fame or recognition, where to look" to one's' laurels" means to be careful of losing rank to competition. 1 Academic use. 2 Architectural and decorative arts motif.
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laurels plural formal. praise for a person because of something they have done, usually in sport, the arts, or politics.: The actors are very good, but when all is considered the laurels must surely go to the director of the play.
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Laurels were added to PvP Daily and Monthly achievements on the March 26, 2013 update. This had the side effect of players being able to earn another ten laurels by completing the Monthly PvP achievement for the month if they hadn't' earned it already.
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The Laurels of Charlottesville A Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Center.
We also offer compassionate respite and hospice care. Whether our guests are with us for a short stay or for the long run, The Laurels of Charlottesville staff considers them honored guests Read More. I was greatly impressed with The Laurels from my first visit there.
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In 1854 Thackeray warned Millais: look to your laurels: there is a young fellow in Rome called Leighton, who will one day be President of the Royal Academy. Now is the time for the councils to look to their laurels.
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to honor with marks of distinction. look to one's' laurels, to be alert to the possibility of being excelled or surpassed: New developments in the industry are forcing long-established firms to look to their laurels. rest on one's' laurels, to be content with one's' past or present honors, achievements, etc: He retired at the peak of his career and is resting on his laurels.
Laurel's' pannenkoekenrestaurant, keuze uit meer dan 100 soorten pannenkoeken Laurel's.'
Voor kleine feestjes, tot 40 personen, is onze zaal ook een uitstekend alternatief. Bij Laurels worden de pannenkoeken nog op ambachtelijke wijze gebakken. Naast pannenkoeken staan er ook diverse vleesgerechten op de kaart en maken we heerlijke hapjes en buffetten voor feestjes.
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An emblem of victory or of distinction, hence the phrase to rest originally repose on one's' laurels, first attested 1831. Example Sentences for laurels. Stop for us at the Laurels, about eleven, or p'r'aps' I'll' stroll over and get you.

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